Top Ways to Solve Surface Pro Screen Flicker Issue

Microsoft Surface Pro devices are well known for their versatility, high quality, and good performance. These devices serve themselves as a two-in-one function you can get the advantage of using a laptop and tablet at the same time. It’s because of the detachable feature of these devices. 

Users undoubtedly experience luxurious displays, long-lasting battery timings, and productive hardware and software. Due to this transition from laptop to tablet, the Surface Pro has gained millions of users since its launch. Instead of all these features some customers of this device complain about the “Screen flicker” issue. So, this guide will help you to resolve this Surface Pro Screen Flicker issue.

Understanding Surface Pro Flicker

Surface Pro Flicker

The issue of “screen flickering” is somehow common in the Surface Pro series and can be due to its detachable feature. Here is a question regarding this screen flicker issue what happens if this issue appears and what are its impacts on the user experience? 

So, yes the user experience can be completely disrupted and mismanaged due to this instability of the screen. Moreover, if a person is trying to work, wants to keep focus and some disruptive lines start to appear on the screen or start blinking no doubt the worker will get frustrated. 

Sometimes flickering can hide some words or letters that disturb the whole task. It can result in unproductivity and delays in important work. Most users do not prefer this series due to the Surface Pro Screen Flicker when hot it gets.

Another thing that needs to be addressed regarding this issue is if this flickering issue remains unresolved it can lead the whole device to severe hardware problems. So, if you want to get safe from this long-time dissatisfaction and big disasters resolve your screen issue now. 

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Top Solutions to Surface Pro Screen Flicker

Surface Pro Flicker

Below are the top solutions that can easily resolve your screen flicker issue. You can choose any of the below methods and here you go.

  1. Updating Graphics Driver
  2. Adjusting Display Settings
  3. Disabling Hardware Acceleration
  4. Running Windows Troubleshoot
  5. Uninstalling Problematic Updates
  6. Checking For Malware/Viruses
  7. Performing System Restore

Updating Graphics Driver

Surface Pro Flicker

According to our research, the first and main problem that can harm your screen is the usage of old installed graphic drivers. Such outdated drivers have severe effects on-screen visibility and optimal performance. 

Moreover, they can lead to instability and compatibility issues related to your Surface Pro’s screen. So, go and do the very first thing to check whether you are using outdated or new graphics. 

To update the drivers here is a complete guide given below;

  • First of all open the “Device Manager”.
  • Go to the Device Adapters section and find it here Graphic driver.
  • If there is a message showing “update your Graphic Driver”, click on it and your update will get started soon.

Adjusting Display Settings

Surface Pro Flicker

Here is another option that you can choose to solve the screen flicker issue. Go to your device’s “Display Settings” and adjust different parameters of display like “Screen Resolution” and “Color Calibration”. It will help you to enhance the display and maybe your flicker issue will be resolved by making these adjustments.

Disabling Hardware Acceleration

Sometimes hardware acceleration can also lead to Microsoft Surface Pro Screen Flicker issues. So, in case you want to improve the screen display try to disable the hardware acceleration which uses basically GPU to hold offload processing tasks. 

Below are the steps for this process;

  • First of all, go to application settings.
  • There go to the search bar and type hardware acceleration option. It will show the related options or keywords select the one and proceed to the next step.
  • Simply turn off the button and it might affect your display’s heath in a better way after restarting the device.

Running Windows Troubleshoot

Surface Pro Flicker

Another straightforward option is to run Windows troubleshoot and it includes two further options. One is “Displays troubleshoot” and another option is to run a “Hardware or Surface Pro’s Troubleshoot” itself. For this purpose, you can scroll down to the settings for the troubleshooting option. Just follow the upcoming guidelines to fulfill the processes.

Uninstalling Problematic Updates

A reason for your device’s screen flicker issue can be a recent update. If you have recently updated your laptop there may be a reason that screen flickering is due to this issue. So, check the Windows Update history, and in case you find an update uninstall it immediately. 

To fulfill the process of uninstallation here are some steps given below;

  • Visit the “Control Panel” by reaching out to the settings menu.
  • There go to the latest installed programs or features.
  • Click on “View Installed Updates” and will see a list of recent updates.
  • Uninstall the problematic updates and refresh the display by going to the desktop view.

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Checking for Malware/Viruses


Mostly some bugs and malware can be the reason for screen flicker too. They not only impact the hardware and software but they also damage your screen resolutions, pixels, and display. However, it depends on which type of virus has infected your device. 

For this purpose, we highly recommend you get a safe, secure, and top-quality antivirus for your device. Look no further than Avast, Norton, and Windows Defender. Make sure to download these from a reputable source.

Performing System Restore

Last but not least you can also go for a system restore. You can visit the settings of Surface Pro and search “System Restore”. However, your data can be lost by this process but make sure to make a backup and then perform this operation. It can also solve the problem of screen flickering.

Final Words

The above methods are properly tested and they can result in solving your Surface Pro Screen Flicker issue. These solutions are easy to perform and it is very important to address and solve such issues until your device gets more damage. Moreover, there are no drawbacks regarding these solutions they enhance the screen’s productivity ratio.

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