Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Problems Troubleshooting Tips 2024

The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is synonymous with sleek productivity and power on the go. But even the most reliable devices can face the occasional hiccup. When your Surface Pro 2 starts acting up, it can be frustrating to realize you’re not alone in facing these issues. Rest assured, we’re here with Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Problems troubleshooting advice to help you get your trusty device back on track.

1. Device Will Not Turn On

Microsoft Surface Pro 2

Power Button

The first line of defense is the good, old-fashioned power button. Press and hold it for at least 30 seconds to give the device a chance to restart.

Force Restart

If the power button alone doesn’t work, try unplugging all accessories and holding Power + Volume Up for 15 seconds. This can often jumpstart a stubborn device into life.

Dead or Bad Battery

If your Surface Pro 2’s battery seems to be the issue, try plugging it into a different outlet for at least 15 minutes. If it’s still not turning on, it may be time to have the battery professionally checked or replaced.

Faulty Charging Port

If you’re seeing no response despite charging, the issue could be the charging port itself. Inspect for any physical damage, and try a different charger to rule out a power supply issue.

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2. Windows Will Not Boot

surface laptp

Black or Backlit Screen

A device that boots but shows no image could mean an issue with the backlight or display connector. A technician may need to troubleshoot further.

Surface Logo Freezing

If it freezes on the logo screen, a system file could be corrupted. Try booting into Safe Mode (Power + Volume Down) and running a disk check utility.

Stuck in the Windows Logo

Sometimes, the device gets stuck loading the OS. You can try a System Restore or Reset but keep in mind this will wipe your data unless you have a backup.

Surface Automatic Repair Screen Loop

Microsoft Surface Pro 2

This usually occurs when there are file system errors. The first thing to try is a System Restore from the recovery environment. If that doesn’t work, consider a full reinstall of Windows.

Firmware Configuration Screen

This problem might be more complex. It often follows a firmware update failure and can require advanced troubleshooting, potentially factory resetting the device.

American Megatrends TPM Security Screen

This usually indicates a problem with the security chip and may require a firmware update or repair.

Battery Icon with an “X”

This may simply mean your battery is dead and needs to be charged. If not, it could be a driver issue related to the power management system.

Red Screen with Surface Logo

This could point to a hardware issue with the RAM, CPU, or motherboard. A diagnostics tool may be required.

Padlock Icon

This means the device cannot boot because of a security feature. Ensure no unauthorized changes to the secure boot settings.

3. Problems with Touch Screen


Dirty Screen

It sounds basic, but it’s often the culprit. A dirty screen can cause touch issues. Clean it gently with a microfiber cloth and verify if functionality improves.

Windows Bug

If the touchscreen is acting strange (e.g., touches not registering or ghost touches), it could be a bug. Check for Windows updates, and perform a ‘clean’ boot to rule out any software conflicts.

Calibration Issues

Sometimes, the touchscreen calibration can get skewed. In the Control Panel, search for “calibrate” in the search bar, select “Calibrate the screen for pen or touch input,” and recalibrate.

Electromagnet Interference

purple color laptop Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Problems

Electromagnetic fields from certain locations can affect the touchscreen. Try using the Surface in a different environment to see if the issue persists.

Software Error

A more serious error can cause the touchscreen to fail. You can attempt to fix it by uninstalling and reinstalling the touchscreen driver.

Faulty Digitizer

If none of the above works, it could mean the digitizer—the component that translates touch into input—is faulty. In this case, professional diagnostics and possibly a replacement are in order.

4. Audio Issues

audio issues Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Problems

Crackling, Glitching, or Nonexistent Audio

If you’re getting interference or no sound at all, it could be a sign of faulty drivers. Update or rollback your audio drivers to see if it remedies the problem.

Windows Bug

Sometimes, audio issues are due to a bug in the Windows system. Look for driver and system updates that can provide a fix.

Default Audio Settings Changed

Check your default audio device and make sure the correct output is selected. Something as simple as this setting can cause frustration.

Hardware Errors

If all else fails, you may have a hardware problem. Contact Microsoft Support or a repair professional for advice.

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5. Device is Getting Really Hot

medium Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Problems

In Use for a Long Time

It’s normal for the Surface Pro 2 to get warm during heavy use. If it’s consistently hot even when idle, there may be a software issue.

Search for Updates

Make sure your system is up to date. Oftentimes, firmware updates can address overheating by optimizing the device’s performance.

External Factors

Environmental conditions play a significant role. Using your Surface Pro 2 in a cooler environment can help keep it from getting excessively hot.

FAQs About Surface Pro 2 Problems

Where Can I Get Reliable Service for My Surface Pro 2?

Microsoft’s official customer service is the most reliable source for Surface Pro support. They offer online and in-store service for a variety of issues, including hardware repairs.

How Can I Protect My Surface Pro 2 from Common Problems?

Regularly back up your data to avoid catastrophic data loss. Keep your device up to date with Windows Updates, and handle it with care to prevent physical damage.

Can I Fix My Surface Pro 2 Problems Myself?

Some issues, like cleaning the screen or checking the charging port, are simple enough for most users. Others, like hardware problems, may require professional help.

Why is My Surface Pro 2 Lagging?

Lagging can be due to insufficient RAM or a processor that is underpowered for the tasks you’re using the device for. It can also be caused by software bloat. Closing out unneeded programs and possibly reinstalling Windows or resetting the device to its factory settings can help.

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