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How to Turn Off Voicemail on iPhone?

Is your voicemail something you hate to check? Is it common for you to delete messages without listening to them? You’re not the only one. Voicemail is a hassle for many people. 

In this guide, we will explore four effective ways on how to turn off voicemail on your iPhone, offering you a more streamlined and efficient communication experience.

It is good to know that you can disable voicemail on your iPhone. Your voicemail inbox will no longer receive new messages. It won’t affect your ability to make or receive calls, but you won’t need to check your voicemail.

First, let’s take a quick look at these methods. You can either reach out to your carrier directly to request voicemail deactivation, or you can utilize special codes that might temporarily disable voicemail. 

Additionally, you can turn off voicemail through your iPhone’s settings or employ third-party applications that help manage your voicemail more effectively. Each option will be explained in detail to you so that you can make an informed choice.

Different Ways to Turn off Voicemail on iPhone

If you are looking to turn off voicemail on your iPhone, there are several methods to choose from, depending on your carrier and preferences. Here are some effective methods: 

Using the Phone AppThis is the most straightforward method. However, it may not work for all carriers.
Using the DialerThis method is more reliable than using the Phone App. Tap the Call button after dialing ##004#. In spite of this, it can be hard to remember the dialer code. 
Contacting Your CarrierThis is the most surefire way to disable voicemail. However, it may require you to speak to a customer service representative.
Using a Third-Party AppThis is a good option if you want a more user-friendly way to disable voicemail. You may have to pay for the app, however.

Method 1: Using the Phone App

Turn off voicemail on your iPhone
  1. On your iPhone, open the Phone app.
  2. Tap the Voicemail tab.
  3. Scroll down and tap Settings.
  4. Toggle off the Voicemail switch.

Method 2: Contact Your Carrier

Contact your carrier to activate your iPhone

Contact Your Carrier: The easiest way to disable voicemail on your iPhone is to get in touch with your mobile carrier. Your voicemail service can be disabled or you can learn how to do it yourself from them.

Call Customer Service: Contact your mobile carrier’s customer service department. This number can usually be found on their website or on your monthly bill. Your voicemail will be turned off after explaining that you want to turn it off.

Visit a Retail Store: If there’s a physical store for your carrier in your area, you can visit it and speak to a representative in person. They can assist you in disabling voicemail.

Check Carrier’s Website: Some carriers allow you to manage your voicemail settings through their website or mobile app. You can access your voicemail settings by logging into your account. You may find an option to turn it off there.

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Method 3: Use Call Forwarding

Call forwarding on your iPhone

Use Call Forwarding: Another method to effectively disable voicemail on your iPhone is by using call forwarding. 

By forwarding all calls to a number that doesn’t have voicemail, you can effectively bypass your voicemail box.

Step 1: On your iPhone, open the Phone app.

Step 2: Select “Keypad” from the bottom menu.

Step 3: Enter the following code: *67* and then press the Call button. This will show you the number your calls are currently being forwarded to (your voicemail number).

Step 4: Note down the number that is displayed, as you’ll need it later to revert this change.

Step 5: To disable call forwarding to voicemail, enter the following code: ##67# and press the Call button. This will deactivate call forwarding.

Method 4: Change Your Voicemail Greeting

Change your voicemail greeting

Change Your Voicemail Greeting: While this method doesn’t technically turn off voicemail, it can deter callers from leaving messages. 

By creating a custom voicemail greeting that explains why you don’t check your voicemail and provides an alternative contact method, you can discourage people from leaving messages.

  • Take a look at the Phone app on your iPhone.
  • On the bottom right, tap the “Voicemail” tab.
  • Tap “Greeting” or “Custom” (depending on your iOS version).
  • Record a custom greeting that explains you do not check voicemail and provides an alternative method of contact, such as an email address or a different phone number.
  • Save the custom greeting.
  • People who call you will hear this message instead of the default voicemail greeting, and it may discourage them from leaving voicemail messages.

Method 5: Using the Dialer

Use dialer to change voicemail
  1. The iPhone’s Phone app will open.
  2. Tap the Keypad tab.
  3. Dial ##004# and then tap the Call button.
  4. You will see a message that says “Settings deactivation succeeded.”

Method 6: Use a Third-Party Voicemail App

Use a Third-Party Voicemail App: If you want to replace your iPhone’s built-in voicemail with a different voicemail service or app, you can use a third-party voicemail app. 

These apps often offer features like transcription, call screening, and the ability to turn off voicemail altogether.

Step 1: Go to the App Store on your iPhone.

Step 2: Search for and download a third-party voicemail app of your choice. Popular options include Google Voice and YouMail.

Step 3: Follow the app’s setup instructions, including the option to use their voicemail service.

Step 4: Once the app is set up and configured, it will handle your voicemail messages, and you can disable the iPhone’s built-in voicemail by contacting your carrier and asking them to turn it off. Using the new voicemail service, they will be able to provide guidance on how to do this.

Note: Depending on your preferences and needs, you may prefer one method over another. If you only need to disable voicemail temporarily, then using the dialer code or a third-party app is a good option. 

If You will need to contact your carrier if you want voicemail permanently disabled. And the most important thing, if you are worried about how to turn off voicemail on iPhone 6, 7, 8, 9, xr, 11, 12, 13, or 14, then the methods are the same. 

Final Words

Using an iPhone to turn off your voicemail is a simple process that takes just a few steps. By navigating to the “Phone” app, selecting “Voicemail” in the bottom right corner, and then tapping “Greeting” followed by “Custom,” you can effectively disable voicemail by recording a brief, silent message. 

Additionally, you can contact your mobile carrier’s customer support for assistance or inquire about voicemail deactivation options specific to your carrier. 

Remember that while turning off voicemail might be a solution for some, it’s important to consider the implications it may have on missed calls and communication, as voicemail serves as a valuable tool for receiving and managing messages when unavailable.

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FAQs about How to Turn Off Voicemail on iPhone

Here are some FAQs related to How to Turn Off Voicemail on iPhone:

Can I turn off voicemail notifications on iPhone?

Yes! Your iPhone can be set to not notify you of voicemail messages. To do this, go to Settings > Notifications > Phone and toggle off the Allow Notifications switch under the Voicemail section.

Where is voicemail on the iPhone?

The voicemail on your iPhone is located in the Phone app. The Voicemail tab can be accessed in the Phone app by tapping on it.

Why is my iPhone on voicemail?

It’s possible that your iPhone is on voicemail for a few reasons. One possibility is that you have turned off your cellular data or Wi-Fi connection. There is also a possibility that you have reached the maximum amount of storage for your voicemails. Finally, it is also possible that your voicemail inbox is full.

What is the voicemail number on the iPhone?

The voicemail number on your iPhone is the number that callers will dial to leave you a voicemail message. You can find your voicemail number by going to Settings > Phone > Voicemail.

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