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How to Connect Spotify to Alexa Without App? A Complete Guide 2024

Connecting Spotify to Alexa without the app opens up a world of convenience, allowing users to control their music with simple voice commands. In this guide, we’ll explore the steps to establish this seamless connection.

Importance of Voice Commands

Importance of Voice Commands

The integration of Spotify with Alexa without the app brings forth the power of voice commands, simplifying the music control process. Users can effortlessly play, pause, skip, or shuffle their favorite tracks using intuitive voice prompts.

Step 1 Ensure Alexa is Set Up

Before proceeding, confirm that your Alexa device is set up and connected to a reliable network. A stable connection ensures a smooth interaction between Alexa and Spotify.

Step 2  Open Spotify Skill Page

Access the Spotify settings on the Alexa app by navigating to the Skills & Games section. Locate the Spotify skill page to initiate the connection process.

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Step 3 Enable Spotify Skill

Step 3 Enable Spotify Skill

Enable the Spotify skill on the Alexa app, granting permission for Alexa to access your Spotify account. This step establishes the link between the two platforms.

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Step 4  Use Voice Commands

With the Spotify skill enabled, utilize voice commands to control your music. Simply say, “Alexa, play [song/artist/playlist] on Spotify,” and enjoy the seamless playback without the need for the app.

Alternative Method ,Alexa Website

Alternative Method: Alexa Website

For users who prefer not to use the app, connecting Spotify to Alexa can also be achieved through the Alexa website. Log in, navigate to Music & Podcasts, and link your Spotify account for effortless voice-controlled music.


In conclusion, connecting Spotify to Alexa without the app provides a user-friendly and convenient way to enjoy music through voice commands. Follow the outlined steps or use the alternative method to enhance your music experience effortlessly.

FAQs How to Connect Spotify to Alexa Without App?

 Can I connect Spotify to Alexa without using the app?

Yes, you can connect Spotify to Alexa without the app by enabling the Spotify skill on the Alexa app or through the Alexa website.

Are there limitations to voice commands on Spotify via Alexa?

While basic playback commands work seamlessly, advanced features like specific song searches may require the app.

Can I connect multiple Spotify accounts to Alexa?

Yes, each user can link their individual Spotify account to their Alexa profile for personalized music playback.

Do I need a premium Spotify account for this connection?

Basic Spotify accounts can also be connected to Alexa, but premium accounts offer additional features and ad-free listening.

Can I control Spotify on multiple Alexa devices simultaneously?

Yes, if your Alexa devices are part of the same network, you can control Spotify playback across multiple devices using voice commands.

Is there a way to disconnect Spotify from Alexa?

Yes, in the Alexa app or website, navigate to Skills & Games, select Spotify, and choose to disable or unlink the skill.

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