Tesla Releases Refreshed Model 3 With Longer Driving Range in China: Now Goes 377 Miles

Today 01/09/2023 Tesla has released a refreshed version of its Model 3 sedan in China, with a longer driving range than the previous model. The new Model 3 is available in two variants: the Standard Range Plus, with a range of 468 kilometers (291 miles), and the Long Range, with a range of 675 kilometers (420 miles).

The refreshed Model 3 also features a number of other improvements, including a new interior with a larger touchscreen display, a revised front fascia, and new wheels. 

Prices for the new Model 3 start at 279,900 yuan (US$42,000) for the Standard Range Plus and 359,900 yuan (US$53,000) for the Long Range.

The refreshed Model 3 is the first Tesla model to be produced in China, at the company’s Gigafactory in Shanghai. The company has said that it plans to invest $1 billion in its Gigafactory in Shanghai and produce 1 million cars per year there by 2022.

The launch of the refreshed Model 3 in China is a significant milestone for Tesla. As local automakers such as BYD and Nio grow in popularity in China, the company faces increasing competition. The refreshed Model 3 with its longer driving range is expected to help Tesla compete more effectively in the Chinese market.

The refreshed Model 3 is the first Tesla model to be produced in China using locally sourced battery cells. This is a significant development for Tesla, as it reduces the company’s reliance on imported battery cells and makes it more competitive in the Chinese market.

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In addition to the refreshed Model 3, Tesla is also planning to launch a number of other models in China in the coming years, including the Model Y crossover and the Cybertruck pickup truck. 

It is evident that Tesla has high hopes for the Chinese market through its ambitious plans. Tesla is hoping to gain a significant share of the largest auto market in the world, China.

Tesla has made a positive development with the launch of the refreshed Model 3. The new model is more competitive than the previous model, and it is expected to help Tesla boost sales in China. Tesla is facing increasing competition in China, but the refreshed Model 3 is a step in the right direction.

The refreshed Model 3 also features a number of other improvements, including a new heat pump system that improves efficiency in cold weather. 

Also a new wireless charging pad for the front passenger, and a new Autopilot software update that includes improved lane keeping and automatic emergency braking.

The refreshed Model 3 is expected to be a popular model in China, where the demand for electric cars is growing rapidly. Tesla has already received over 30,000 orders for the new model, and deliveries are expected to begin in September.

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