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How to Turn Off Green Light on Alexa?

In this modern era of technology and AI, Alexa devices are trending by playing the roles of advanced voice-activated assistants. People prefer to use these devices as an integral part of daily routines from weather updates to news updates and music etc. In this article, we will guide you on how to turn off green light on Alexa.

Alexa is a virtual assistant which helps you to do different tasks just by a command. This device recognizes your voice and fulfills the command whether it’s turning on the lights or playing soulful music. You do not have to pick up your phone and do a Google search about a thing just ask Alexa and she will provide you with the right information present online. Thus, life will become more easier when you find a virtual friend like Alexa. 

The main purpose of this article is to shed light on how to turn off the green light on Alexa. Alexa uses different colors to perform different functions according to your needs and preferences and so the green light also plays its specific role. People are concerned about how can we deactivate that light let’s have a look at the importance of green light, reasons to turn off that light, and steps on how to turn off it. We will also discuss some alternatives to turn off the light. 

Significance of Green Light on Alexa 

Turn off green light on Alexa

The green light serves as an indicator of interaction between the devices and users. Whenever a device is ready for connectivity green light blinks,  just like whenever you use AirPods or earbuds a green light always shows connectivity. Same in the case of these devices its a symbol of connectivity with the surroundings. But there are also some other drawbacks involved with this phenomenon. In the next paragraph, we will discuss proper details about them.

Reasons to Turn Off Green Light

Here are the Top 4 reasons to get deeply know the leading disturbance causes of green light for some individuals later we will discuss the steps to turn it off.

Privacy concerns

First of all the major concern about it, that people complain about is the privacy concern. Let us explain to you in simple words that whenever your device is showing green light it is taking your commands but as well as it listens to all your conversations. It holds all the data based on your preference because it listens to whatever you speak. It does unintentional recordings so sometimes people do not like that their private talks get leaked or they want to have control over their device about its listening.

Disturbing Appearance

So the second primary concern that people mostly talk about is its disturbing green high-frequency light. For those who like to maintain a sleepy, cozy, and darkroom this green light disturbs the whole aesthetics and that’s why people want to get rid of it. We know most people do not consider this as a big problem but for those who want a distraction-free environment, this is a big deal.

Energy Efficiency

Some people might think that using LEDs or lights even in devices drains power so they want to get rid of that green light, however, this is not true it does not drain energy. But people consider contributing small efforts that can save energy.

Nighttime Disturbances

A big drawback is a disturbance at night. If your device is placed in the bedroom it will create distraction at night due to sharp green light. Moreover, it is pretty noticeable when you are living in a shared space or apartment. Users enjoy the Alexa experience but also they need to avoid these unnecessary distractions.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Turn Off the Green Light on Alexa

Step by Step guide you on turn off green light on Alexa

Developers of Alexa allow its users to customize their green flash experience so different ways can help you to get rid of it. But the most efficient steps are given below. They will briefly describe this problem which is the cause of your distortion. 

Access your Device Alexa’s Settings

This guide is for both Alexa users whether they are beginner or experienced you will easily manage with step-by-step instructions. 

Via Smartphone App: First of all, connect your device to a smartphone and open Alexa’s Official app on your phone. Then log in to your Amazon account that is associated with your Alexa device. The main app screen consists of a three-dotted menu bar in the right top corner. Pressing this bar will navigate you to a different option from where you can select “Settings”.

Via Device Itself: Instead of using any software or app there is an alternative method also which helps you to locate physical buttons on the device and thus you can operate settings from there too. Icon for settings will be labeled on your device so do not panic and find one. 

Navigating to LED Light Settings

Via Smartphone App: After accessing the device settings, scroll the whole menu and find the various devices listed. From these devices hover to your specific device and click on the name to go for further proceedings. 

Via Device Itself: There are options available for maintenance on the device itself. So, you can easily go through all the “Device Settings”. Simply, indicate the LED Light or Light Ring option there.

Disable the Green Light

Via Smartphone App: Operating Alexa through a smartphone is quite easy because you get a lot of customization options. So if you reached your device settings check for the option of disabling green light. This method is super easy.

Via Device Itself: After confirming your device, press the LED button to turn it off. Finally, your device will no longer show that flashlight. 

Verifying and Testing

After you get back to the main screen, do not forget to save the changes otherwise it will not turn the light off. In the end, verify your device by testing the presence of Greenlight. Until there is no issue with your device light will turn off and you can enjoy a distraction-free environment. 

Alternatives to Turn-Off Green Light

Alternatives to Turn off green Light on Alexa

There are also some alternative methods we have discovered for you to get completely rid of the flash green light on Alexa. These methods are easy to adapt yet depend on different situations.

  • The first alternative is that you can enable the “Do Not Disturb Mode” from your Settings. It will off the Greenlight however, notifications, alerts, and others will also get muted. This solution suits for the time whenever you need rest, no lights, and a peaceful environment. 
  • The next alternative is to use physical accessories or covers to stop the light from coming toward you. You can purchase these device covers online from Amazon or any nearby device store. It will be a temporary solution yet effective.
  • Another solution to your problem is shifting the light visibility to the other side so that your environment doesn’t get disturbed. 

Final Words

In this modern era, devices such as Alexa play a crucial role in our lives. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain our daily use of devices according to our preferences. In this article, we have done our best to describe to you all the possible ways to turn off the green light on Alexa so that you can enjoy and get comforted.

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