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Prescription Glasses for Computer Use (Updated 2024)

Bifocals are not actually designed for computer vision because they allow focus in only specific directions. Such glasses are recommended by Doctors to those patients who suffer from eye diseases called ‘Myopia’ and ‘Hyperopia’. But they are least effective for those who work on a Laptop or PC, in Software houses, or even at home. 

For this purpose, Eye Protection Glasses for Mobile and Computer were introduced that are prescribed by a doctor. Thus, users can easily get their computer work done without any distortion. Such specs are named Prescription Glasses. In this article, we will briefly discuss all the important features, how to choose the right spec, Tips and tricks, and the final verdict regarding these glasses.

Role of Prescription Glasses

Digital Eye Strain is a widespread problem nowadays which is also known as Computer Vision Syndrome. This syndrome includes all the eye problems e.g. eye irritation, itchiness, redness, etc that have a long-lasting effect on human eyes. Moreover, blurred vision, headache, and fatigue can also be a result. To eliminate such problems prescription specs work smoothly and enhance the experience.

If a person has to sit for hours staring at the screen of a PC, his eye muscles will contract and get damaged for sure. It can be due to two reasons your distance with your screen is not balanced or you are doing work in a dim light area. Both situations affect the eyes badly and need to be cured.

Moreover, if you see any symptoms of these eye problems, go for a consultant immediately and prescribe glasses. Prescription Glasses for Computer Use are designed for an individual specially and each consists of a different range. We will describe why they are best for your computer use by defining their specialties in the next paragraph.

Note: Computer Glasses and Reading glasses are two completely different optical instruments. Both work for magnifying the image but due to the different positions used to view computers and books different resolution glasses with different features are used.

Features of Computer Prescription Glasses

Following are some features that this article has gathered for you after research on these eyeglasses.

Solution to Eye-Problems

Eye Solution of Prescription Glasses for Computer Use

Prescription lenses are in high demand due to their best working mechanism for fighting diseases like myopia and hyperopia as we have mentioned earlier. They work in such a way that refracts these eye errors and displays a clear screen to view.

Material of Lenses

Material of Lenses for Prescription Glasses for Computer Use

High-quality material is used to make the lens of these specs which cannot be broken easily, suitable for a specific range to do work. The lens material of these glasses comes in a variety of options including plastic, high-index material, and polycarbonate. They are not only durable but also provide the best resistance against screen rays.

Blockage of Blue-Light

Blockage of Blue-Lights Blockage of Blue-Light

Blue light-blocking technology is present in these glasses which helps to reduce the harmful effects of using computer screen time for a long time. 

Anti-Reflective Coating

Anti-Reflective Coating through Prescription Glasses for Computer Use

Such lenses are coated with a layer of anti-reflective material which helps the lens provide a shield against harmful rays. Moreover, it also improves the clarity of the computer screen.

Frame Customization

Frame Customization

Even frames of these specs can be customized and so many options are available for you to choose from. It all just depends on your choice for example you can choose any material including titanium, plastic, metal, etc. 

After choosing the right material select the right frame style whether you go for a trendy oval shape nowadays or a typical and suitable rectangle shape it’s up to you. Last but not least you can select the color and size of the frame also. You can buy Computer Glasses Online or checkout at a nearby store.

Nose Pads

Nose pads of Prescription Glasses for Computer Use

Nose pads can also be adjusted for your glasses to make a suitable and flexible spec option. 

Lightweight and Comfy

Lightweight and Comfy

Prescription Computer glasses are lightweight and can be easily placed in a computer table drawer or you can carry them wherever you want to. 

Choosing the Right Prescription Glasses

Be careful when you are going to choose the right spec for your eyes because eyes are a sensitive part of our body and your vision can interrupt if you buy the wrong spectacle. So, two important steps that you have to take before going to buy the spec are as follows. 

Eye Examination with Prescribed Requirement

First of all, you have to visit an optometrist to get your eyes examined. Do not buy any spec on your own it’s very dangerous for your eyes. Follow the prescription of your doctor and then get the right eyeglasses.

Visit Eye-Care Professional

Visit Eye-Care Professional

After buying the right spec that suits your eyesight, visit your consultant every 15 to 20 days to check for eye health and if there is any problem with your glasses. 

Tips to Use Prescription Glasses Effectively

Following are some tips that will help you to use your Prescription Computer Glasses effectively.

  • Always choose the right frame that suits your face, do not choose too much big or too short frame that doesn’t fit your face level.
  • Choose a high-quality and durable lens.
  • Practice the glasses’ vision at your arm’s length.
  • Wear your glasses regularly so that you can get used to them soon.

Final Verdict

Focusing on the text that is present on the screen requires effort due to pixels and distance between you and the PC that’s why Prescription Glasses for computer use are considered very important. As well as choosing the right glasses is also a crucial role, so make sure you choose the right spec. 

FAQs about Prescription Glasses for Computer Use

Following are the frequently asked queries about this topic let’s have a look at them.

Do I need a different prescription for computer Glasses?

Obviously, you should consult your Doctor for a prescribed spec and other people cannot use your glasses due to eyesight range issues that vary in people.

Can I use my reading glasses for the computer?

The answer is NO, you cannot use your reading glasses for the computer both are different, and reading glasses only work well for distances less than 18 inches.

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