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How to Charge Michael Kors Smartwatch Without Charger?

In the past recent years, Smartwatches have completely taken the place of simple and traditional watches. People always look for upgrades in their lives same as they want in their gadgets. People of all ages like to wear smart watches not just because they look elegant instead they provide great features to their users. 

Using a smartwatch is just like using a mobile with a small screen. The purpose of calling it mobile is due to the specialties it provides like a mobile. If you are familiar with smartwatches definitely you will know that they allow users to do and receive phone calls, and text messages. They also consist of a camera, fitness, and health tracker, calendar and so many other features. 

In this article, we have gathered some useful information about a well-known Micheal Kors Smartwatch. It is a top-designer watch and contains a range of styling bands. The main purpose of writing this article is to provide information on How to Charge Michael Kors Smartwatch without a Charger. So, stick to us for a while and get to know all the important methods of charging this watch.

Overview of Micheal Kors Smartwatch

Micheal Kors Smartwatches are considered top-notch watches due to their built-in cutting-edge technology. They are compatible with Android and as well as with iOS devices so you can easily connect them with any mobile device after checking compatibility. They are available in silver tones, Rose- Gold, and Multi-Colors. 

Micheal Kors Smartwatch

Wide digital display and elegant packaging cases make these watches more stylish. They also provide a warranty of 1-2 years and their slogan for these digital watches narrates a combination of “brains and beauty”. Moreover, the top demanding and most popular range of these smartwatches are named Gen 6 watches that contain a chain strap. Others include leather straps. 

The major concern that is increasing among people regarding this watch is that it is well and good but sometimes they lose its charger so what are other ways to charge this watch without a charger? There can also be some issues with your battery and it only works out like Micheal Kors Battery Replacement but it is very less common. So do not worry we will discuss all the ways to charge your device. But first, look at the below features of this watch and why it is popular.

Specifications of Michael Kors Smartwatch

There are so many features of this smartwatch device let’s have a look at them. 

  • These devices help you to get all your social media updates so you cannot miss any notifications. 
  • You will be able to receive text messages, app notifications, and audio calls.
  • There is a built-in fitness and health tracker.
  • A SpO2 sensor is also available.
  • In case of any difficulty or for research purposes you can seek smart help from Google.
  • A heartbeat tracker is also present in this smartwatch.
  • Swimproof technology is also there for users.
  • GPS and Payment systems also work to provide you with an easy interface.
  • 100+ display animations and wallpapers are present to choose from.
  • These watches are imported and come with water resistance technology up to 5ATM depending on the model of watch you choose.

Top 5 Ways to Charge Michael Kors Smartwatch without Charger

No doubt it is very important to use the original charger with your smartwatch as it doesn’t affect the battery and also maintains its longevity. But in case you have missed your charger somewhere and are worried about how to charge your smartwatch we have covered you all.

Top 5 Ways to Charge Michael Kors Smartwatch without Charger

Below are the Top 5 ways if your concern is Micheal Kors Smartwatch Not Charging and how to charge it without the help of a charger.

Using a USB Cable 

With the help of a USB cable, you can easily charge your smartwatch. Depending on the slot type choose a C-cable or any other for connectivity. 

Using a USB Cable 
  • First of all, connect the one end of your USB cable with the watch. 
  • Now connect the other end with a Laptop or Computer device.
  • Allow a device charging option that will pop up on your smartwatch.
  • So yeah that’s how you can easily charge your Micheal Kors Smartwatch without a charger.

Using Wireless Charging Pad

As this watch supports wireless charging you can buy a separate charging pad for it and that’s how you can easily charge and operate it afterwards. This method is also superb and very beneficial.

Using Wireless Charging Pad
  • Just buy a wireless charging pad from a good company.
  • Place your watch on it.
  • Automatically it will start getting charged.

Try a Power Bank

If the above two methods didn’t work try out this third one and it will charge your device for sure. Power Banks are present in almost every house now for charging purposes. But have you ever thought that they can also help to charge your smartwatch?

Try a Power Bank
  • It’s a very convenient method just plug in your USB wire on one side in the Power bank’s slot.
  • Connect the other side of your USB to the smartwatch. That’s it you’re done.                

Adapter from a Friend

You can also borrow an adapter from your friend if they use a smartwatch. It is not a long-lasting solution but anyway, you can charge your device. Make sure to check the charger’s compatibility with your device because there is also a possibility that the charger doesn’t support your watch.

Get a Replacement Charger

Last but not least, you can go for a replacement charger option for your smartwatch. But be aware of dealers and always purchase your charger from an authorized manufacturer.

Final Words

It is very crucial to know that other methods to charge smartwatches without a charger are only temporary ways. Always take care of your devices and their chargers because an original is far better than the second option. However, these emergencies can happen anytime to anyone make yourself prepared for the alternatives. We will also discuss some queries related to how to charge Micheal Kors Smartwatch without Charger so do not forget to read.

FAQs about how to Charge Michael Kors Smartwatch without Charger

Below are the frequently asked queries let’s have a look at them.

Why isn’t my Michael Kors Watch Charging?

There may be some issues with your battery health, also it can happen if your charger isn’t working properly or not perfectly connected to your device. If you are using a wireless charger make sure there is no gap or dust between the device and the charger.

How do you charge a Micheal Kors Smartwatch?

It’s very easy to charge. All you have to do is just put your device on the charging pad, turn the power ON, and here you go.

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