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Common Problems With Varifocal Glasses

Varifocal glasses function best for those people who have got tired from using typical bifocal lenses. If you are familiar with Bifocal lenses, for sure you will know that they only allow vision for two distinct areas, including objects near and at a distance. This traditional technique made it difficult for people to view objects at different distances. Moreover, a user had to change their glasses to see different visions. 

Thus, Varifocals Contact Lenses were introduced to provide a better experience and seamless progression to users. No doubt, they are useful as well as it is a trendy option for those who are looking to upgrade their glasses. They contain superb focal power that helps people to fight with short and long-sightedness. However, there are also some Common Problems with Varifocal Glasses that you need to know before using them. 

So, before we reach out to the drawbacks let’s have a look at a more detailed overview, of why there is a need to address problems with varifocals, benefits, types, and last but not least tips and tricks to use them. In the end, we will also provide our final verdict on this research.

Overview of Varifocal Glasses

Varifocal lenses or Multifocal lenses contain multiple focal points. Due to that property, they serve as the best optical option for people who suffer to see objects at various points. Taking an example, some people cannot read newspapers, etc and some people cannot identify objects that are at a distance. 

To cure such problems like hyperopia, myopia, etc spectacles are used and Varifocals Lenses act as an all-in-one solution. Let’s discuss their use and comparison between these lenses and traditional lenses in detail so that the purpose of their usage will be clear.

Varifocals Vs Bifocal

Varifocals Vs Bifocal

The branch of optometry says that a person who is suffering from short-sightedness will not be able to distant objects clearly and doctors will prescribe to use of a concave lens. Similarly, doctors will advise a patient suffering from long-sightedness to use the convex lens on a prescription. 

The problem arises when a patient suffers from both conditions. Some people prefer to use bifocal lenses in such conditions however, these glasses contain visible lines to separate both lenses. As a result, the Varifocal Contact lens’s lack of a dividing lens feature attracts buyers and makes it more appealing and helpful for use. 

Benefits of Varifocal Glasses

Varifocal Lenses stand at the top list of multifocal glasses out there. They have so many features that enhance the experience of people suffering from various eye-sight problems. Some of the features are described as follows;

Saves money

Saves money from avoid Common Problems With Varifocal Glasses

No need to hustle yourself to buy different glasses, it saves you money at any cost instead of going for two you just have to buy one optical for various visions.

Seamless Progression

Seamless Progression

As it allows seamless transitions between prescribed strengths, a smooth and clear vision is provided to the customer.

Intermediate Vision

Intermediate Vision of Common Problems With Varifocal Glasses

It also provides intermediate vision so that people who use laptops, and PCs can easily operate objects at arm vision.

Thin and Lightweight

Thin and Lightweight

These are very thin and lightweight so you can easily wear them, carry them in your case, and adjust in your essentials.

Common Problems with Varifocal Glasses

Following is a list of common problems that users face with wearing these glasses. Let’s discuss them in detail to help you completely that whether they suit you or not.

Peripheral Distortion

Peripheral Distortion in Common Problems With Varifocal Glasses

People mostly complain about distortions in peripheral areas of these glasses, which can result in discomfort and inability to see things. Moreover, it also impacts the overall visual experience. So, you should keep a set of extra glasses to avoid such cases.

Difficulty in Adapting Transitions

Difficulty in Adapting Transitions

If you are going downstairs there might be difficulty in adapting transitions using these glasses. Therefore, it is recommended to get familiar with these lenses and try to adjust your vision with them first. 

Blurred Visions Sometimes

Blurred Visions Sometimes

Varifocals can cause blurry vision, thus vision gets distorted and it can lead to various problems.

Cause Dizziness and Headache

Cause Dizziness and Headache

Most people complain about dizziness, headache, fatigue, and neck pain issues. It is one of the most highlighted problems nowadays, however, it is recommended to go for an eye consultant.

Difficulty in Finding Suitable Frames

Difficulty in Finding Suitable Frames

Some people find it difficult to wear the same lenses with the same design for long and not get a suitable frame of their choice.

Myths about Varifocals

There are also myths about wearing varifocal whether they are convenient or not, what if they will make your eyesight weak, etc. According to opticians review about these lenses, all these rumors are rubbish and it has no truth. Anyway, if you are concerned about their look you can easily customize them with a beautiful frame.

How to get adjusted with Varifocal Glasses?

Adjustment is compulsory to wear the best of your lenses. To get familiar, practice wearing them as much as you can, and spend more of the time wearing your lens while watching TV a laptop, etc. Because it will help you to get adjusted easily and avoid vision distortions.

Final Verdict

In the final words of this article, we recommend you get familiar with these lenses first and then use them regularly. The problems associated with these varifocal are very common and can be cured easily with daily use. You can easily get Varifocal Glasses Online or visit any nearby store and buy them at a very suitable price.

FAQs About Common Problems with Varifocal Glasses

Below are some frequently asked queries by people about Common Problems with Varifocal Glasses.

What is the advice for Varifocals?

The thing that makes it difficult to get used to varifocal is focusing on the myths and changing your spectacle day by day without adapting it. You should try to wear it as possible as you can.

Can Varifocals be worn all day?

It depends on your eyesight condition and surely the recommendations of your eye consultant that you need to wear them every time or not.

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