Can Fitbit Make Calls ? A Comprehensive Guide 2024

In today’s fast-paced world, wearable technology has revolutionized the way we manage our health and stay connected. Fitbit, a leading brand in the wearable industry, offers a range of devices packed with features designed to enhance our daily lives. One common query among users is whether Fitbit devices can make calls. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into this question and provide insights into the functionality of Fitbit in making calls, along with other noteworthy features.

Exploring Fitbit’s Calling Capabilities

Exploring Fitbit's Calling Capabilities

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Fitbit has evolved beyond its initial purpose of tracking steps and monitoring fitness activities. With advancements in technology, newer models of Fitbit have incorporated additional features, including the ability to make calls. Let’s explore how Fitbit handles calls and what users can expect from this functionality.

Understanding Fitbit’s Calling Features

Fitbit offers calling capabilities in some of its models, allowing users to make and receive calls directly from their devices. This feature is particularly handy for users who prefer hands-free communication during workouts or while on the go.

Fitbit utilizes Bluetooth technology to connect with smartphones, enabling users to access their phone’s calling functions seamlessly. By syncing their Fitbit with their smartphone, users can initiate calls, view incoming call notifications, and even respond to calls without reaching for their phones.

Compatibility and Requirements

Exploring Fitbit's Calling Capabilities

To make calls using a Fitbit device, users must ensure compatibility with their smartphone and meet certain requirements. Typically, Fitbit’s calling feature is supported on models equipped with a microphone and speaker, such as the Fitbit Versa series and Fitbit Ionic.

Users need to have their smartphones nearby and connected to their Fitbit via Bluetooth for the calling feature to function properly. Additionally, ensuring that the Fitbit app is up to date on the smartphone is essential for optimal performance.

Making Calls with Fitbit

Using Fitbit to make calls is a straightforward process. Once the device is paired with a compatible smartphone and connected via Bluetooth, users can access the calling feature directly from their Fitbit interface. They can navigate through their contacts or dial numbers manually using the device’s touchscreen.

Fitbit also allows users to answer incoming calls directly from their wrist, providing added convenience and accessibility. With the option to accept or decline calls, users can manage their communication effortlessly while on the move.

Other Noteworthy Features of Fitbit

Exploring Fitbit's Calling Capabilities

While the calling feature is a standout functionality of Fitbit devices, it is complemented by a range of other features aimed at enhancing the overall user experience. Let’s explore some of the notable features offered by Fitbit:

Fitness Tracking and Activity Monitoring

Fitbit devices excel in tracking various aspects of fitness and physical activity, including steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, and active minutes. With advanced sensors and algorithms, Fitbit provides accurate data to help users set and achieve their fitness goals.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Many Fitbit models come equipped with heart rate monitoring capabilities, allowing users to track their heart rate continuously throughout the day. This feature provides valuable insights into overall cardiovascular health and helps users optimize their workouts for maximum efficiency.

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Sleep Tracking and Insights

Understanding the importance of quality sleep, Fitbit offers comprehensive sleep tracking features that monitor sleep stages, duration, and quality. By analyzing sleep patterns over time, users can gain insights into their sleep habits and make lifestyle adjustments to improve sleep quality.

Smart Notifications

Smart Notifications

In addition to call notifications, Fitbit devices deliver a range of smart notifications, including text messages, emails, and app alerts. Users can customize notification settings to stay informed without being overwhelmed, ensuring they never miss important updates.


In conclusion, Fitbit devices offer convenient calling capabilities along with a myriad of other features designed to support an active and connected lifestyle. By leveraging Bluetooth technology and intuitive interfaces, Fitbit seamlessly integrates calling functionality into its wearable devices, enhancing user convenience and accessibility.

FAQs About Can Fitbit Make Calls

Can Fitbit devices make calls without a smartphone nearby?

Fitbit devices rely on Bluetooth connectivity with a smartphone to make calls. Therefore, a smartphone must be nearby for the calling feature to function.

Are all Fitbit models capable of making calls?

No, not all Fitbit models support the calling feature. Only select models, such as the Fitbit Versa series and Fitbit Ionic, come equipped with calling capabilities.

Can Fitbit make emergency calls?

Fitbit devices do not have built-in cellular capabilities for making emergency calls independently. However, users can initiate calls to emergency contacts from their synced smartphones.

How do I troubleshoot calling issues with my Fitbit?

If you encounter difficulties with the calling feature on your Fitbit, ensure that both the device and the Fitbit app on your smartphone are up to date. Additionally, check Bluetooth settings and connectivity to ensure a stable connection.

Can Fitbit receive calls from any smartphone?

Fitbit devices can receive calls from any smartphone to which they are paired via Bluetooth. However, compatibility and functionality may vary depending on the specific Fitbit model and smartphone.

Does using the calling feature drain Fitbit battery quickly?

While using the calling feature may consume additional battery power, Fitbit devices are designed to optimize battery life for various functionalities. Users can manage battery usage by adjusting settings and limiting prolonged calling sessions.

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