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Sofia Overton’s “Wise Pocket” Socks Net Worth Revealed in 2023

Among the countless entrepreneurial success stories, Wise Pocket Products has been making waves with its remarkable journey. This innovative venture, founded by the talented Sofia Overton, emerged from the need for functional yet stylish women’s clothing.  In this article, we will guide you on Wise Pocket Net Worth.

Picture this: a line of socks and leggings with ingenious pockets, designed to bridge the long-standing gap in women’s fashion. After appearing on the hit TV show “Shark Tank,” Wise Pocket Products gained significant attention.” But what’s truly eye-catching is the evolution of its net worth.


Before Sofia and her products entered the “Shark Tank” arena, Wise Pocket Products boasted a business valuation of $200,000 USD. This figure alone showcases the potential and innovation behind the brand. 

Fast forward to 2023, and the net worth of Wise Pocket Products has undergone an impressive transformation, now standing at $300,000 USD. This growth signifies not only financial success but also the brand’s ability to meet the practical needs of its target audience.

The “Shark Tank” experience added another layer of intrigue to Wise Pocket Products. The initial pitch led to a partnership with the renowned sharks Lori Greiner and Daymond John. They invested $30,000 for 15% equity, which translated to a pitch valuation of $200,000. 

Subsequently, Sofia’s negotiating skills led to an even more favorable deal: $35,000 for 25% equity, resulting in a final valuation of $140,000. This transformation in valuation, from the pitch to the final deal, is an attention-grabbing aspect of Wise Pocket Products’ journey.

So, Wise Pocket Products isn’t just about making fashion better for women; it is also about showing that you can dream big and make it happen. Their journey proves that if you have a great idea and work hard, you can succeed in the fashion and business world.

Background of Sofia Overton

Background of Sofia Overton

Sofia Overton is a young American entrepreneur known for her involvement in the business world. As a star of the television show Shark Tank, she gained recognition from her native United States.

Sofia is the founder of Wise Pocket Products, a company based in Bentonville, Arkansas, that specializes in clothing designed for active kids, featuring built-in pockets for convenience.

Sofia Overton’s net worth has not been disclosed. However, she has made a mark in the entrepreneurial landscape at a very young age. 

She was just 13 when she appeared on Shark Tank and secured funding for her business from investors Lori Greiner and Daymond John. Her innovative product, clothing with built-in pockets, showcases her creativity and business acumen, making her a notable figure in the world of young entrepreneurs.

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How Much is Wise Pocket Worth?

Net woth of Wise Pocket

As of 2023, Wise Pocket product net worth varies according to different sources. After appearing on Shark Tank, Wise Pocket received investments from Lori Greiner and Daymond John. Their initial offer was $30,000 for 15% equity, valuing the company at $200,000. 

However, they accepted a counteroffer of $35,000 for 25% equity, resulting in a final valuation of $140,000. Despite this, Wise Pocket’s net worth is reported to be $20,000,000.

A precise valuation of Wise Socks is difficult to determine. A financial report has not yet been released by the company, and it is still relatively new. We can, however, use a few methods to estimate the value of a company.

First of all, we know Wise Pocket had a value of $140,000 when it appeared on Shark Tank. This means that the company has grown in value since then, but it is impossible to say by how much.

Furthermore, Wise Pocket is known for selling more than 100,000 pairs of socks. There are a lot of socks out there, but still only a small portion of the total market.

Wise Pocket products revenue has been mentioned in the press a lot and we know that. As a result, sales have increased and awareness has been raised.

The company’s value is estimated to be between $1 million and $10 million as a result of these factors. The company’s actual value may differ from this estimate, and it is important to keep this in mind.

What is the Future of Wise Pocket?

Future of Wise Pocket

Wise Pocket is a young company with a lot of potential. The product is unique and solves a real problem, and the company has received a lot of positive feedback.

However, the future of Wise Pocket is uncertain. The company’s website is currently redirecting to another website, and there have been no recent updates on its social media pages. However, the company is still listed as an active business on the Better Business Bureau website.

Future development of Wise Pocket could be affected by a number of factors. Competition should also be considered. In addition to Pocket Socks, Pocketed Socks is another company that sells socks with pockets. 

These companies may be able to offer lower prices or a wider variety of products, which could make it difficult for Wise Pocket to compete.

The target market is another factor to consider. Women and children are the target market for Wise Pocket. However, this market is already served by a number of other companies, such as Sock It to Me and Happy Socks. For Wise Pocket to succeed, it may need to differentiate itself from these companies.

Last but not least, Wise Pocket’s future will also be determined by its ability to raise capital. The company received a $35,000 investment from Daymond John and Lori Greiner on Shark Tank, but it is unclear how much money the company has raised since then. 

Wise Pocket will need to raise additional capital in order to grow its business and compete with the competition.

Overall, the future of Wise Pocket is uncertain. In spite of the challenges faced by the company, there are also some potential advantages. The company’s products are unique and innovative, and its founder is a young and energetic entrepreneur. 

If Wise Pocket can overcome its challenges and raise the necessary capital, it has the potential to be a successful business.

Final Words

Wise Pocket is a young company with a lot of potential. The company has a unique product that solves a real problem, and it has received a lot of positive feedback. It is clear that Wise Pocket has a bright future, and it has the potential to become a very successful company in the future.

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FAQs about Wise Pocket Net Worth

Here are some FAQs about Wise Pocket Net Worth:

Is Wise Pocket still in business?

The status of Wise Pocket is unclear. There hasn’t been any update to the company’s website since July 2022. However, the company’s social media pages are still active, and they have posted new content as recently as March 2023. It is possible that the company is simply undergoing a rebrand or website redesign, but it is also possible that they are no longer in business.

Where is Wise Pocket located?

Wise Pocket is located in Bentonville, Arkansas.

How many businesses has Lori Greiner invested in?

Lori Greiner has invested in over 400 businesses since appearing on Shark Tank. As the founder of Scrub Daddy, Squatty Potty, and Simply Fit Board, she is known for investing in innovative and unique products.

How much is Lori Shark Tank worth?

It is estimated that Lori Greiner’s net worth is $150 million dollars. As one of the wealthiest self-made women in the United States, she is a very successful businesswoman.

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