Immortal Boost vs Boosting Factory – Which Company is Better?

Rivalry in any industry or profession makes it exciting. It makes it easier and a lot more enjoyable for the consumers because if there’s no rivalry and only a monopoly, then it’ll be boring for the consumers. After all, there will be no new product or innovation in that sector. After all, a monopoly will only think about how they can take advantage of the solo market. Secondly, the pricing of this monopoly will be sky-high because its consumers will have no choice other than to buy their products. 

But when there’s a rivalry between two companies things get a lot more interesting because both of them now have to compete to offer more value to their customer by giving them lucrative prices or a better experience to get their share of the Customer base. 

Another good reason for rivalries in two companies is that it drives both of them to innovate and it also results in products getting cheaper and of better quality. So it’s a win-win for the consumer. So In this blog, I’ll talk about two of these companies that share a common customer base. Those two are going to be Immortal Boost and Boosting Factory. 

So if you don’t know both of these companies cater to competitive game players looking to get boosted. So I’ll be comparing these two companies about what services they provide and how they do their business. 

Immortal Boost

Immortal Boost

Immortal boost is an affordable yet trustworthy way to get the best rank possible. They are quick, cheap, and seamless. You get your order delivered sometimes even before your order’s due time they are that quick! As I could say more about them here but since I have to compare two companies In this blog. So here are some points that favor immortal boost in this comparison.

One-stop shop

Immortal Boost is one of the biggest online gaming marketplace. They offer a wide variety of games for boosting such as valorant, dota 2 League of Legends, cs2, etc. The company also sells gaming accounts for games such as Dota 2, Valorant, and Rocket League which is an easier, a lot quicker, and more affordable way to get the best possible rank because on average an account will cost you less than to get the same rank while getting boosted. 

They also take full responsibility for refunding your whole amount if your account gets banned or suspended. They give you a new account if you get banned. That makes them a better option than most of the other account sellers when you are looking to buy an account with peace of mind.

Their Reputation

The most important thing for any business is the trust between them and their customers because if the customers don’t trust you then they will not do business with you. In the case of Immortal Boost the trusting factor is superior to others. They boost up around 4.9-star rating on the trust pilot making them a trustworthy company.  

While they are a bit behind the boosting factory in terms of review amount you have to keep in mind that the boosting factory is older than the immortal boost and they also do performance marketing. 

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Unique Selling Point

The USP or the differentiator is also a very important thing for any business to grow. The thing that one company Does that can’t be replicated by other companies makes that company a lot more stronger and attractive to potential customers. The unique selling point of Immortal Boost is that it provides one of the most affordable yet quick and seamless boosting in all of the boosting space. On average immortal boost is 54% cheaper than boosting factory in terms of boosting prices for the same services.

Boosting Factory

Boosting Factory is one of the biggest companies when it comes to boosting. They offer boosting for several mainstream competitive games such as CS, Valorant Call of Duty Modern Warfare, etc. while I could go on and on about what they do and how they do but I want to make these concise because it is a comparison between two companies. So here are some points that I want to share with you.

The Age of the Company

While you might wonder what a company’s age has to do with its performance, trust me it has a direct effect on how the market perceives it. An older company would have trustable aspects to them as compared to the new companies. In the case of the boosting factory, they have been incorporated since 2014 making the business a decade old and because of that, they have captured a large sum of the market.

One of the Quickest Service Providers

You know that when a company captures a substantial market share they tend to raise their prices to get the most money out of the same services. As I have told earlier, boosting factories do charge a premium for their services but they do provide quicker service than the competition. Within less than 10 minutes after your order’s placement, the boosters from the company start to boost your account.


So as I mentioned earlier reputation plays a quite big role in getting new customers because a company can never succeed with a bad reputation. In the matter of boosting factory, they have several hundred 5-star reviews on third-party websites like TrustPilot and making them a household name in the boosting space.

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Direct Comparison of Both

I figure that making them go head to head against each other will make the case easier for you. I will put down a table here comparing both of these companies and in the end, it will be easier for you to make the decision. 

Immortal boost.Boosting Factory.
More affordable than boosting the factory.More expensive than Immortal Boost.
Have fewer reviews than boosting the factory.2. Have more than quadrupled the amount of reviews.
Have a wider range of games available for boosting.3. Fewer games are offered for boosting.
One-stop shop from account boosting to all the way to account selling.4. Boosting factories only offer boosting. The company does’nt sell any game accounts.
Offers 4 payment getaways 5. Offers 18 payment getaways.

Faqs About Immortal boost vs Boosting factory

What does boosting in gaming mean?

Boosting is a paid service where you pay a pro player to play on your account and increase the rank.

Why do people get boosted?

Players get boosted to get the best possible rank in a game. So that they can play at a higher level to accomplish a sense of fulfillment and to get better at the game.

Is It safe to get boosted?

Getting boosted is a lot safer than you would think.

How can boosting enhance my gaming experience?

Boosting can help you get better at any game by giving you a chance to play against better players and getting better at it over time. It enhances your gaming experience by matching you with more mature players.

How can I find a reliable source to get boosted?

Immortal boost and Boosting Factory both these companies are a reliable source for getting boosted.

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